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To See Is To Believe...

BodiNurish is owned by Josie, a Registered Holistic Nutritionist/Health Coach, Certified in Nutrigenetics/DNA testing , passionate about health, nutrition, and happiness. Throughout the years, Josie's business has grown, but her focus has always remained consistent; helping people lose weight, identify food sensitivities, and improve nutrition through meal plans, counselling, and advice. she loves helping her clients become the best they can be from a nutritional perspective. She believes in lifestyle changes, not diets.

Although Josie helps clients with different concerns, she also is amazing at helping families with Autism and Global Developmental Delay/Disabilities through Nutritional Counselling and courses.

Josie is not a stranger to this subject. she is a mom of a 14 year old daughter who has been diagnosed with Severe Autism/ Global delays, hypotonia. chromosome deletions and GRINN2B. After many years and tens of thousands of dollars in trial and error, with different therapies both in western medicine and alternative therapies, Josie found the answer through nutrition. She took her daughter off mostly all supplements as they were not needed anymore due to a proper nutritional plan that decreased a lot of her symptoms and helped her progress. Josie is the first to say that her daughter is not 100% healed but she will admit that she is on the road to recovery at 85% better once Josie figured out what worked. Josie decided to go to school and get a degree in Holistic Nutrition and also become certified in Nutrigenetics testing to further help clients. 

Josie wants to help as many families as possible to be as far along as her and her daughter are if not further through healing the body from within. No more bandaid solutions!

She is concerned about what will happen to her daughter when she gets older and can't manage everyday life, who will take care of her? Just as most parents are thinking that have children on the spectrum. She knows what a huge and significant difference this could make  to so many families. 

Josie's legacy in this lifetime is not only to help her daughter but to help as many people as possible in this lifetime through proper nutrition.


BodiNurish is located in Brampton, Ontario, Canada and serves a broad range of clientele. Please get in touch to learn more about their health services and to book your nutritional consultation.

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